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The Phylum Arthropoda (arthropods) is the largest and most successful of all the animal phyla. The major Classes of living arthropods are as follows: Arachnida; Crustacea; Diplopoda (millipedes); Chilopoda (centipedes); and of course Hexopoda (insects). Thailand being a tropical country is home to an untold number of arthropod species, with many of its species being un-described in science.

Beautiful butterflies

Red Helen Butterfly (Papilio helenus helenus)

megachilidae bee

Mason bee (Megachilidae sp.)

Chorotypus Grasshopper

Chorotypus gallinaceus

Beautiful butterflies

The Commander (Moduza procris milonia)


Tarantula (Theraphosidae sp.)

Exotic Lantern bugs

Saiva gemmata

stick insect

Stick Insect (Phasmatodea)


Derbidae sp. 

hylicinae leaf hopper

Hylicinae sp.

Longhorn beetle

  Longhorn beetle (Pharsalia subgemmata)

Assassin bug (Sycanus croceovittatus)

Pyrops candelaria

Cicada moulting

Tiger beetles

Tiger Beetle (Cosmodela aurulenta juxtata)

hover fly

Hoverflies mating (Syrphidae)