TWC Conservation Archive image additions April 2019

The “conservation archive” has image updates for the months of April/May 2019

The updates for April 2019 consist of new images taken by the Thailand Wildlife Collective‘s photographers. The new images are taken in the height of the current dry season.  The new additions for the month of April include:

  • April 1 – Addition of many cameratrap images from Kaeng Krachan National Park by Paul Thompson and Ian Edwardes including indo-chinese leopard, melanistic leopard, gaur, sun bear, dhole and masked faced palm civet amongst others.
  • Arpil 17 – The team has started adding images from their joint trip to Thailand’s most southern wildlife sanctuary, the Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary. There were a number of exciting finds and photos are being currently uploaded.
  • May 6 – Addition of new images from Pang Sida National Park by Paul Thompson.
  • May 13 – Addition of new images from Kaeng Krachan National Park by Paul Thompson.