Thailand Wildlife’s Conservation Archive – supporting Thai conservation

Our aims are to make quality wildlife imagery available to those helping to support awareness concerning Thailand’s incredible bio-diversity; to assist in communicating the need to protect Thailand’s incredible natural heritage; and hopefully to help to inspire the next generation of Thai naturalists.

We believe that great wildlife images matter. Whether it’s for educational outreach, conservation reports, flyers, articles, books, exhibitions, websites or presentations – quality wildlife imagery is a key element in any conservation organisation’s communications effort. Today it is pictures, rather than words, that gets the message across.

The nature photographers of the “Thailand Wildlife Collective” have consolidated their personal photographic archives in order to provide a resource to help support conservation efforts in Thailand.

At the heart of is Thailand’s largest combined online image archive of high quality natural history images. Showcasing Thailand’s National Parks and incredible bio-diversity of wildlife and habitat.

There are two access levels with ThailandWildlife available to conservation entities in Thailand:

      1. Image access – conservation organizations/projects can apply directly to the photographers to use images in their project/materials.

      2. Archive access – reserved only for those organizations that all the photographers are collaborating with in expanding the conservation archive image bank.

To request the use of an image from the conservation archive, go to the relevant image (whilst in the conservation archive area of the website) and note who the copyright owner is. The you can email the copyright owner directly by checking their email address on the “About Us” page.

Who has used the Conservation Archive images? Below is a selection of uses of our conservation archive images to support wildlife conservation and awareness activities in Thailand. All the images were provided gratis to Thai conservation organizations for use in their programmes.

Tiger article
National Geographic
UNDP wildlife projects
Freeland study new indochinese tiger population found
Dholes of Khao Yai
Tiger story in Der Zeit
BBC news article on tigers of Thailand
ABC article containing TW images
Khao Sod Article on Tigers