How to Request Image Uses


As Thailand Wildlife is the combination of various photographers Thai photographic archives we feel it is more ethical to let image requesters deal directly with the photographers when requesting their images. This would allow requests that “Thailand Wildlife” was not remitted to consider, such as non-Thailand requests.

Accordingly you should now send any image requests directly to the photographer (copyright owner) of the image/s you are requesting permission to license the usage of. The copyright owner’s  (the photographer) name appears next to each image in the “conservation archive” section of the website. Their emails can then be cross referenced on the “About Us” page.

If permission is granted the photographer will then instruct the “Thailand Wildlife” website to authorize the downloading of your Lightbox images or, alternatively, directly provide you with the image/s.

This system we feel is better as it a) puts you in direct contact with the copyright owner b) negates delays when the website administrator is not available and c) is legally appropriate.