Becoming a member of the TWC

We have had many requests for information on joining the Thailand Wildlife Collective (TWC) so we have put together some information on this for those with an interest.

The contributing photographers of the Thailand Wildlife Collective are a small group of dedicated wildlife photographers who are creating content for inclusion in the Thailand Wildlife Conservation Archive.

The Conservation Archive is an extensive online collection of high quality natural history photographic media that is made available to help conservation organizations, researchers and educators to directly support wildlife and habitat conservation in Thailand.

To become a TWC photographer you need to be…….

  1. a dedicated natural history photographer with a large body of work that you will be adding the Conservation Archive, as well as committing to improve the Conservation Archive through regular future submissions
  2. a natural history photographer who is noted for specializing in a particular subject area and is regarded in the community as having a deep knowledge of that subject area
  3. a photographer who can create exemplary work as well as produce photographs that are of the highest technical standards and compatible with media industry needs including full IPTC
  4. aware that the TWC is an ongoing commitment that relies on dedication and self financing from its members – the Conservation Archive is wholly non-commercial and facilitates its members to donate their time and work for conservation aims in Thailand
  5. aware that membership of the TWC is very limited and only adds up-to one contributing photographer member each year

We are eager to include photographers that can substantially improve the Conservation Archive and as such photographers with specializations in areas where the archive needs to be improved will be given due consideration.

So if you are comfortable with the above and have looked at the Conservation Archive and are confident that your images are at the minimum the standard of the images already in the Conservation Archive then please feel free to drop us a line showing us some of your natural history photography and telling us about your specialization and how you would improve the team.